The Donkeys’ Tales

On the night of the Holy Nativity, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger, surrounded by lowly animals and humble shepherds. One such animal, the donkey, was present at the birth and had the honor and blessing to witness the beginning of what she called the Great Miracle–the life of Jesus Christ.

Inspired by the Scriptures themselves, Colvin presents a gentle and joyful account of the early life of Jesus from the perspective of the donkey. When Colvin realized that the Bible makes mention of a donkey both at the birth of Christ and on the occasion of his ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, she began to think about a relationship between the animals. This delightful picture book is the result, wherein the story of Jesus’ life becomes a cherished family legacy, passed down from grandmother, who witnessed Christ’s birth, to the grandson, who carried Jesus into Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion. From Jesus’ birth to the Holy Family’s flight from King Herod and the finding of Jesus in the temple in discourse with the Jewish scholars, the life of Jesus is celebrated by the humble animals who knew the blessing of serving Christ.

The Donkey’s Easter Tale

Stuck inside their small stable one very rainy afternoon, two little donkeys listen to a story their grandfather tells them, a story that they will always carry in their hearts. Years ago, when the grandfather was still a young donkey, he was called to serve a man named Jesus.

Carrying Jesus on his back into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the faithful donkey stays with the Lord throughout that first Easter week. He watches with fear and awe when Christ overturns the money tables in the Temple and feels blessed to see Jesus cure the sick and teach parables.

At Jesus’ side throughout the Last Supper, the agony in the garden, and the betrayal and crucifixion, the donkey experiences Christ’s compassion for all creatures and discovers that God’s love is for everyone and always will be. After watching Jesus die and mourning his death, the donkey learns of Christ’s Resurrection and travels to Galilee to see Jesus once again, experiencing the joy all Christians share at every Easter celebration. Marvelously illustrated, this timeless, thoughtful, and sensitive story teaches children of all ages the meaning of what it is to love and serve Jesus Christ.



The Donkey of Tarsus

Saul (later ‘Paul’) asks his family for one of their donkeys when he sets out for Jerusalem to help defend the Jewish faith from the growing belief in Jesus as the Messiah. His father gladly gives him one that has been a troublemaker. This young donkey is very excited to be leaving the tent business behind to go off on an adventure with Saul. However, the night before he is to leave, he is stunned to learn from his mother that it was his great-uncle who carried Jesus to Jerusalem! He is fearful if this were to be known that he would be left behind. That fact does not come out, and he gets to go.

When he is much older and living in Antioch, he has the opportunity to tell some visiting donkeys about his “journey of a lifetime”.