Episcopal Life Holiday Gift Guide Review of The Donkeys’ Tales

The Christmas story retold and prayers for youngsters

By Sharon Sheridan and Jerry Hames

Songwriter Adele Colvin said it was while reading her Bible that she was inspired to look at the Christmas narrative in a new way -from the point of view of the humble animals who knew the blessing of serving Christ.

She called her close friend and illustrator Peyton Hamilton Carmichael and from their collaboration has come The Donkeys’ Tales (Pelican Publishing, 30 pp..$15.95). It’s a delightful picture book in which the story of Jesus’ life is passed down from grandmother donkey, who carried Mary to Bethlehem and witnessed Jesus’ birth, to grandson donkey, who is destined to carry Christ on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

The lyrics to Colvin’s hymn of the same title, printed at the end of the book, are an integral part of the story. Both Colvin, whose songs and lyrics have been used in worship services and published in songbooks, and Carmichael, an award-winning poet whose art has been exhibited throughout the southeast, live in Birmingham, Ala., and attend Episcopal churches there.

Episcopal Life Holiday Gift Guide November 2008