Midwest Book Review of The Donkey’s Easter Tale

An excellent contribution to Christian children’s bookshelves, May 18, 2009

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

The Donkey’s Easter Tale is a Christian picturebook from the perspective of the humble donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and stayed by his side during the Last Supper, and even his crucifixion. The story continues with the donkey’s witness of the miracle of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, and concludes with the donkey’s wish for all Christian children to spread the good news of Jesus’ compassion to all who will listen. Simple color illustrations complement this profound retelling of Christianity’s most defining moments; the text is sufficiently advanced that it is best suited for young people who are just about ready to move on to chapter books – or for parents to read aloud. An excellent contribution to Christian children’s bookshelves.