Original Recording of the Donkeys Tales

Because there is a song that runs throughout the story, when The Donkeys’ Tales was first published in 1998, it was also recorded as a cassette with Suzanne Mann as narrator and with Andy Meginniss as vocalist and musician. The recording of the story was made one night in Andy’s garage studio. Over the next several months, Andy used several instruments and recorded the music on other tracks. He then mixed those tracks to match and compliment Suzanne’s narration. All of the music he used had been written by Adele Colvin.

When our new publisher, Pelican Publishing Company, wanted bothbooks on one CD, Andy and Shaun were not willing to put the old recording of The Donkeys’ Tales on the came disc as the new recording of The Donkey’s Easter Tale because technology was so different and the sound quality would not match. So,The Donkeys’ Tales was re-recorded. Although these pictures are from the original recording session, the sound bytes are from the new recording.

Original Recording of the Donkey's Tales


Andy Meginniss recording The Donkeys’ Tales and Suzanne Mann recording narration for The Donkeys’ Tales