Recording of The Donkey’s Easter Tale

Recording of The Donkey's Easter Tales

Recording of The Donkey’s Easter Tales

In the above photograph are Suzanne Mann, Shaun Pezant and Andy Meginniss in Shaun’s office/studio at WorkPlay as they get ready to record.

In the spring of this year (2009), Pelican decided that they wanted to put The Donkey’s Tales on a CD. Then the very next day they asked to have The Donkey’s Easter Tale as well, and they wanted a song for it even though one was not included in the book as had been in The Donkeys’ Tales. When I told this to Andy, he immediately said, “Don’t worry. I love to do that.” Andy wondered if Shaun would be willing to work with him on the project. Shaun is an extremely talented musician and producer. When I called Shaun about the project, he said that he would love to work with Andy. Since Suzanne had narrated the first book, we certainly wanted her to do this one too. She agreed, and our “A team” was in place.

We knew that whatever Andy wrote would be good. What we did not know was that it would be perfect. Added to the song were Suzanne’s wonderful voice in the narrative and Shaun’s magical touch on the keyboard throughout both recordings. Pelican released the CD containing both books in September. Our first review says it all:

“Suzanne Mann’s warm and lyrical reading of Adele Colvin’s inspirational stories – The Donkeys’ Tales and The Donkey’s Easter Tale – combined with the stunning musical soundtrack by Andy Meginniss and Shaun Pezant makes this recording a true masterpiece.” ……………Bobby Horton

( For anyone unfamiliar with Bobby Horton, please look under the “Comments” tab for a partial listing of his accomplishments.)

Suzanne Mann for many years taught enrichment classes at Crestline Elementary School, and she has always has been active with theater groups here in Birmingham. For a long time, Andy Meginniss played and sang with the popular group Three-on-a-String. Other than his job with a software firm, he still plays with a bluegrass group and also provides music for the afternoon service at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Shaun Pezant is a professional musician and owns a music production business. He leads the jazz band Top Secret, The Shaun Pezant Trio and directs choirs at two Episcopal churches, St. Luke’s and Holy Apostles.

The Donkey’s Easter Tale music

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The Donkey’s Easter Tale narration

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