Sheet Music to accompany The Donkey’s Easter Tale

Sheet Music to accompany The Donkey's Easter Tales

Sheet Music to accompany The Donkey’s Easter Tales

The Donkey’s Easter Tale could very easily be adapted as a children’s pageant, with a narrator, with children coming in for various scenes and with a children’s choir singing “Among the Blessed” as it weaves in and out of the story.

In verse 1, the grandfather donkey recalls Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

In verse 2, Jesus is talking with the disciples on the Mount of Olives after a long day in the city.

In verse 3, the grandfather donkey relates how frightened they all were after Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsame.

In verse 4, the grandfather donkey expresses his great joy at seeing the resurrected Christ and his deep appreciation that he, his mother and his grandmother were all “among the blessed.”