In The Donkey’s Tales Adele Colvin gives us the story of Jesus from the gentle perspective of the donkeys who were there. This delightful presentation of the Greatest Story Ever Told is nicely complimented by the illustrations of PeytonCarmichael, the beautiful musical performance of Andy Meginnis, and the lyrical narration of Suzanne Mann. I am eager to share this with others!”
Bobby Horton, musical artist/lecturer and composer for the Baseball PBS series,Lewis and Clark PBS series, Thomas Jefferson PBS series, Homespun Songs, CivilWar series, The Civil War PBS series, talking books, and the award-winning teaching series “Lyrical Life Science”

Creative imagination is one of God’s truly authentic gifts. That is the place in Adele Colvin and Peyton Carmichael from which this charming story emerges. We are not dealing with facts here but with the kind of fanciful possibilities that endear themselves to the young at heart everywhere.”
The Rev., Dr. John R. Claypool, IV, Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Alabama

What a delightful, creative presentation of the events surrounding the birth and life of Jesus Christ is offered in this outstanding book by Adele Colvin and Peyton Carmichael. Certainly the great truths of the greatest event in history will come alive to children through this imaginative work. Peyton Carmichael’s illustrations are beautiful and winsome! The audiotape is an excellent addition and will no doubt accompany many car trips. I highly recommend this unique book and will enjoy sharing it with my own grandchildren.
Dr. Frank M. Barker, Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama


A clever little donkey pretends that he can’t remember the story of the “Great Miracle,” just so his mother will tell him the tale again.
The young donkey’s grandmother was the one who had carried Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. The family AND the donkey had to stay in a stable because there were no available rooms. The grandmother-donkey reported that wonderful music sounded from the heavens, and a bright star shone into the window of the stable.
Of course, the grandmother-donkey was amazed and proud that she was the one donkey in the world to have the honor of being present at the birth of Jesus. She sang to herself that night a song about the holy night and the Infant King.
When Joseph and Mary learned about a threat from King Herod, the grandmother-donkey had a new responsibility–to keep the Holy Child and his mother safe. The donkey tried to keep her gait steady to rock the baby to sleep as they traveled. After Herod died, and the Holy Family were to return to Israel, she “kept her eye” on the “active” and “inquisitive” little Jesus.
When He was twelve and missing, the grandmother-donkey was upset. Even though she was quite old, she considered Him her “special charge.” She was mightily relieved when they found Jesus in the Temple talking with teachers.
The young donkey grows up, and he is given a special mission–one as important as that of his grandmother. He was blessed. Read THE DONKEY’S TALES to see what an honor befalls him.
This book is, of course, written for children. The author, Adele Bibb Colvin, is also a songwriter and includes appropriate, lovely songs to reenforce the narrative. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama.
As delightful as the stories are the beautiful color-illustrations. The artist, Peyton Hamilton Carmichael, also lives in Birmingham.
Sue Kimball, Fayetteville Observer


If you’re looking for a sweet little Christmas book for children, look no more. The Story of Jesus as Told by the Donkeys’ Tales has just been issued in hardcover to glowing regional and national reviews. When originally published in softcover a decade ago, this classic was our biggest seller of the year.
Jake Reiss, Alabama Booksmith

Jewish teachers have created legends, stories and fantastic elaborations of Scripture for thousands of years. In this same sense of Midrash, Adele Colvin has taken the foundational stories of the Christian faith and retold them through the voice of a generation of donkeys who were witnesses to the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the journeys of Paul. Through soft illustrations in three different books, children can follow along as they are read the tales of Jesus and Paul through the eyes of a donkey – one who carried Mary to the stable in Bethlehem, one who carried Jesus into Jerusalem for the Passover, and one who transported Saul on his journey to Damascus.

In a conversational tone, the voice of the donkeys pass along the sacred story from one generation to the next, the same way families share stories with their children. As Ms. Colvin discloses, “the stories are based on scriptural narrative, but not fact.” These stories are best suited for young children who are still enamored with talking animals, the whimsy and magic of all things possible. But with these read-aloud books, further conversation can develop that lead to opening up the Bible to learn more about the characters and individuals whom all these lovable donkeys introduce us to.
Sharon Ely Pearson, Christian Formation Specialist, Church Publishing Incorporated / Morehouse Education Resources



One of the greatest pleasures in a grandparent’s life is to share stories at Christmas time. During the days before Christmas, grand kids have interest and excitement in many things and one is a good story. If Pa-pa and Granny can teach, entertain, and inspire all in one setting, what more could be expected. Of course, Jesus, the reason for the season, is among the most popular topics. The Story of Jesus as Told in The Donkeys’ Tales written by Adele Bibb Colvin and illustrated by Peyton Hamilton Carmichael and published by Pelican Publishing has all the charm desired for several lap sessions with the little ones.

A mother donkey was telling her young son about his grandmother who carried Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. How she brought them to the little town and stayed in the stable with the young couple when Jesus was born. The donkey was fascinated by all the excitement of Jesus’ birth and the visit of the Wise Men. The grandmother carried Mary and Jesus on their long walk through the desert to Egypt to escape King Herod and his army. Over the next few years, she served as a protective friend to the inquisitive Jesus as he grew up. She stayed with Jesus and his family for several years. The grandmother’s time with Jesus, Joseph, and Mary was an important part of the young donkey’s family heritage.

The young donkey was jealous when he heard the stories of his grandmother because he wanted to know Jesus. Time passed and the little donkey grew up remembering the tales of his grandmother. He was sold to a family near the little town of Bethany. One day two men came to his owner’s house and led him away, telling his owner that “the Lord has need of him.” He was led away. Soon a young man named Jesus was placed on his back to be carried to Jerusalem. Suddenly the donkey realized that the young man was Jesus, whom his grandmother had cared for as a baby. He would carry Jesus the King on his triumphant journey into Jerusalem.

The Donkeys’ Tales is a wonderful story for a family to share. It is delightfully written and illustrated. With its loving respectful text and beautiful pictures, reading and sharing the book can become a tradition with families who love season and the story.

This charming book can be ordered from Pelican Publishing at 1-800-843-1724.

Mexia Daily News in Texas